Stranded at battery store due to dead battery

Crack in Duracell Batter
here is the crack in the Duracell Car Battery

hands wipes from terminal kit
cool hand wipe that came with kit

Dekka Terminal Protection Kit
Dekka Terminal Kit

Duracell Car Battery Cracked
New Duracell Car Battery that comes with a crack on top of it

During the recent abnormally cold snow storm in Texas my 2017 Toyota Tundra Battery died.

I was able to charge it and it would work throughout the cold days but would die again overnight. After the weather heated up it was able to hold a charge most of the days.

I spent two weeks researching batteries. I decided to go with a Duracell Group 27 battery that had 840 cold cranking amps. This battery was cheap and has a 36 month warranty. What persuaded me a lot was I could not find a Odessa or North Star group 27 battery. Their was smaller batteries but I did not want to have to buy any kind of spacer or risk the cables braking from the vibration.

When I went to the store I attempted to remove my old battery but the positive terminal had corroded to much so I figured I would just take the new battery home were I had more tools

After buying the new battery, I went to start my truck it died after a few second. I’m thinking great now I’m stranded at a battery store because I have a dead battery.

I looked at the stuck terminal and saw another bolt that I could unscrew to disconnect the wires. Luckily the battery store sold new terminals. I found some kind of Dekka terminal. It does not look as durable as some of the terminals I saw on Amazon but Dekka is a good company so I went with it. I also purchased a terminal cleaning and protection kit.

The good think about the protection kit is it has the tool to clean the terminals. It so had a hand cleaning towelette. I was not impressed by the post proctor. It seemed like it was only for the positive side due to the red paint. It also does not dry. I remember having a mechanic work on another car I had and he used a chemical for both post.

After I got back to work I double checked the battery. I noticed it had a crack on top by the fluid cover. Some fluid actually came out. I am going upgrade the battery tomorrow or exchange it for a non cracked one. Small amounts of fluid got on my hand and burned my skin a little but nothing severe.