Gave Away the Ford FE Big Block before wasting money!!!

Bare Block Ford FE

I gave away my Ford FE Big Block Engine, cylinder heads, intake manifold, and oil pan for free. I initially drove a far distance to pick this block up for $100. My initial idea was to get a stroker kit and rebuilt the engine. Not too familiar with Ford Engines, I had assumed nobody would have really bored out the engine before.

So being new to Ford FE Big Block Engines I decided to buy a book on rebuilding them. I believe within the first two chapters and some help from the author, I found out this Engine was a waste of time and money. The bore was at 4.11. Someone had bored this engine out a few times before I got it. I measured the distance between the cylinders (using a drill bit through the coolant passage method) and determines it was a 360 Block from 1969. It would not have been safe to bore the engine out anymore.

I considered sleeving the engine. But the local machine shops in the area are off the charts overpriced. After more consulting with people throughout the US, we determined this engine should be scrapped. So I posted it online for Free and it was picked up from my yard in a couple of hours. If this was a Cobra Engine it would have been worth restoring, but it was not.

I think my next engine project I am going to start out with an engine bare block that is brand new.