Porsche Power Brake Booster Arrived

928 Brake booster
928 power brake booster

The power brake booster I ordered arrived today. It feels like Christmas every time I get a new car part in the mail. ATE makes the power brake booster for the 1989 Porsche 928 S4. I felt I got a good deal on the price.

     On an enthusiast forum for the 928 Porsche, someone recommended I coat the master cylinder with a clear epoxy to prevent corrosion long term. He also recommend a special lubricant for the rubber portions to prevent it from dry rotting. Before I install this component I am going to order that lubricant and a part called a brake proportioning valve or pressure regulator. My goal is to take care of the components within the engine bag before I start jumping all over the car. I will probably make sure the exhaust system is put back together then move onto the timing. I heard this brake booster is a pain to replace :(.

I will be using AMSOIL brake fluid for my 928. You can purchase it here: