Tundra Brake Fluid Change Notes

For most of the Toyota Tundras with the 5.7L Engine you have to use the Toyota Tech Stream Software and the Cable that plugs into the OBD2 Port under dash. Toyota sells the cable for $300, I used a generic $30 cable and it worked fine. Tech Stream has a 2 day use fee of $20 (current price) as of writing this.

The software will basically walk you through the process. It will electronically activate one of the braking system components. This is the reason why you need to use the software. If you don’t you could get air in your brake lines. You also have to be very careful to make sure you do not drain the brake fluid reservoir when bleeding the brakes. The reservoir is very small and this is easy to do. If you drain it, you could again put more air into the brake system. Make sure your brake lines are not leaking. Also I have read from a Toyota Tundra owner that he found part of his emergency braking system was damage, so check that while you have the car safely lifted. From what I read, you can also use this cable and software to properly change the transmission fluid.

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