Nitrogen Air and Tundra Fuses



Tundra Fuse on the Left Regular Mini Fuse on the right
Tundra Fuse on the Left Regular Mini Fuse on the Right

The other day one of my tires became low in air and I remembered I did not use nitrogen to fill the tires I purchased. Nitrogen is used in Aircraft tires because their is little expansion and compression when temperatures change. This prevents the tire from going flat in flight. A big difference between a tire shop for aircraft and a car tire shop that claims to have nitrogen is that the aircraft tire shop will have nitrogen that comes from tanks prefilled with nitrogen.  I have seen a lot of tire shops that have a device that supposedly extracts nitrogen on the go. I am not really confident that your getting quality nitrogen that way especially when you can’t see the mechanic use the machine.

So I borrowed my friends tire inflator that uses the cigarette lighter outlet in the vehicle. His inflator instantly burned out my fuse. I tried plugging in my cell phone charger and verified their was no power. I then used a multimeter to determine what fuses had burnt out. I initially looked in the fuse box in the engine compartment. After reading several post I found out it is actually under the drivers side dash board in a very hard to reach location. I had to press the emergency brake pedal down all the way and lay down in front of the seats. I found out the fuses are not just mini fuses, their actually shorter than the mini fuses you see commonly stocked at the parts store. I still was able to get a mini fuse installed because the connecting points had the same dimensions.