Removed the Dealership Installed Karr GPS / Disabler


only cut wire on karr system tundra panel removed
screw location for tundra steering column panels underneath tundra dashboard

For a while now I always thought about removing the dealer installed Karr Alarm / GPS tracking system. I never wanted this installed on my Tundra in the first place. Dealerships will install generic GPS systems like this so the Dealership can save money. They buy the systems at a wholesale price. Because the systems are not specifically designed for you vehicle, you can run into problems with them. After I purchased my Truck I had an after market Auto Start & Alarm system put in. I noticed some days the Auto Start would not work and I would have to disconnect and reconnect the battery. Some days my car was disabled and I would have to again disconnect and reconnect the battery.

So I finally removed it. I basically took of the trim around the steering column of the Tundra and below panel near the pedals. I initially thought I would have to remove the airbag to get to the screws of the steering column panel but I realized I just had to put in the key and manually turn the wheel to the right of left. I was not a fan of the Vampire Clips used in this system. After I removed each clip I covered the exposed wire with electrical tape to avoid a short circuit down the road. Their was only one wire that was not clipped on. I am assuming it was part of the ignition system to prevent the car from starting.